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Ms Charlotte V Nash Pinterest





Such a strange word… What is a blog?  A blog is considered a written  journal, only it’s written online (the internet) from a computer.  A blog is the same as a website it tells a story.  The blog or website is set up to tell a story, or to sell a product; either way a blog or website is the means to get attention.  They are built as a means of attracting the interest of other people.  The blog is also known as a weblog.  The word weblog is taken from two words: 1. website and 2. log.  Take away the word site from website, and put together web and log you have web-log… “weblog.”  We can also consider the word bloglog which is also taken from the words blog and log… “Bloglog”.

My friends and guest, My name is Charlotte V Nash, but you can call me Charlotte, or Char. I am a Prayer Minister at my church (Victory Christian Fellowship) in New Castle, Delaware. I choose to write this blog as a means of reaching out to my fellow man, and my christian brothers and sisters.  Prayer Minister?  A Prayer Minister is a member of our church  man, or women who prays for others who are in need of prayer.  We also visit hospitals and prisons, and take prayer request at our homes over the phone. This is done through my church (Victory Christian Fellowship.) It is my hope that I can take your prayer request if you have a need.  Please call this number: 1-302-324-5400 and press 0.

"Prayer Works"

“Prayer Works”

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Ms Charlotte V Nash Pinterest

Ms Charlotte V Nash Pinterest


LOVE; Do You Really Know

How often do you tell your parents you love them? Do you let your children, or your spouse know how much you love them. Let me refrase the question. Do we even know what real love is? For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 I was born in the year 1952. By the time I was 5 years old (1957) I was introduced to my father; His name is Elohim (God!) My mother started teaching me from the bible at an early age. She taught me that the bible was the Word of God. I learned at an early age that God is our true, and only Father. My mother taught me about His love for us, His compassion, grace, and righteousness. She taught me about God’s laws, and commandments. My mother also taught me about the greatest gift of love our Father God ever gave to us. God gave us His son Jesus Christ!  So as you can see I learned about love early in life.

Now I know you all heard of the old saying; when a young girl get’s married, she will most likely marry a man like her father. Well I happen to know for a fact most little girls fall for their fathers, and want to marry them when they grow up. Now while I didn’t want to marry my father, I did fall in love with him. I have been in love with my Father God for about 30 years. Through the years I have learned that God is love! He is pure love. Our Father loved us so much he gave us his Son so we could have forgiveness of our sins, and eternal life in heaven with him and Jesus Christ! So who do you know loves you you this much; your children, parents, or spouse? Jesus Christ is the only other man who loved us enough to give up his life for us so we could have eternal life. Well as far as I’m concerned this is; “THE GREATEST LOVE EVER KNOWN!!!”


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