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“Lord Father I give you praise, and thanks for your blessing of this new day. I pray you will grant me the wisdom to do your will, and only your will. I pray to hear your voice, and only your voice Lord Father. I pray that all I do today will be pleasing in your sight. Lord Father grant me the wisdom to start my day, wisely, spiritually, and holy in Jesus’ name amen.”          


The Cross Of Jesus

The Cross Of Jesus


I pray this prayer every morning when I wake up, and open my eyes. It is the praise and honor I give to our Father God for blessing me with new life. Sense becoming a christian I CAN NOT dare start my day without giving God thanks for waking me in the morning!

Why do we pray? Prayer is how we communicate with Father God, and Christ Jesus. We as christians offer prayer to request blessings, forgiveness, and healing from God and Christ Jesus. Prayer is also how we bless and honor them. It was Jesus who taught the first disciples how to pray. Matthew 6:9-13  Without prayer there would be no communication with God and Jesus. Prayer also brings us closer to them, and the more we pray and meditate the more we learn about them, and become more like Father God and Christ Jesus. When we pray we are becoming one with them.

Prayer is the christian’s power against Satan and all evil. I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me! Come near to God and he will come near to you.  James 4:8  We as christians should always pray each and every day. [Disciples] should always pray and not give up.  Luke 18:1

Pindiana Nash

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