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"Jesus Christ is Lord"

“Jesus Christ is Lord”



Miracle:  An unusual happening, one that goes against the normal laws of nature. Miracles are done by the power of God.

God is the author of all miracles. Psalm 77:14 When He made the heavens, and the earth that was a miracle. When he give a young virgin girl named Mary the gift of life within her womb that was a miracle. When we wake to take our first breath each morning that is a miracle. When we open our eyes each new day, let me tell you that too is a miracle. Miracles are happening all around us every day.

Now there are many who don’t believe miracles still exist in this time and age. They say miracles only took place in bible times. They think that God doesn’t perform miracle in our time. FALSE! Our Lord God is still in the miracle making business; and Jesus Christ His son performed, and is still performing miracles Today! I’m living proof that God, and Jesus are still performing miracles.

I have a true story of a miracle to tell you, but first let me tell you that I am a living, breathing, walking miracle praise God! I can count many many times when I should have been dead. My story starts when I was in the south with my x-husband visiting my in-laws. We went out on a Saturday night to a club, and he got really drunk. Now he was the big drinker, and I was just the follower couldn’t stand the stuff. I just tried so much to please my husband. Well I more sober than he was trying to get the car keys from him. Well to make a long story short we were driving down this country road (speeding of couse), and there was a cow crossing in front of us. My x-husband (Ray) turned to the left to avoid hitting the cow. Then when we looked next there was this big eighteen wheeler truck coming right at us. There was no time to avoid hitting the truck. Now believe this or not it’s your choice; (many people don’t) we hit that truck head on, but my x-husband and I went right through the truck! When I say through I mean through like a cloud, ghost, or smoke. We both turned around to look behind us to see the tail end of the truck going down the road. I looked at Ray and he looked at me; we both said “you saw that right?” he then said I can’t believe what I just saw. “you did see that?” I said yes.  Again he said “I can’t believe what I saw with my own eyes.” Well I told him I don’t know what you think you seen, but “I Just Witness A Miracle!”  I told him God has just bless us, and spared our lives. We should have been dead.  Ok my brothers and sisters believe what you want.  As I said many people don’t, not our family, or friends. “Just know this I am a living testimony for God!!!”

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